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Leasing Management Services

Daikyo Anabuki Leasing Management Service for properties is the trustworthy partner to owners.

Leasing Management Services for properties provided by Daikyo Anabuki assist owners to manage their properties, including contract and registration issues, property management and rent collection, etc. We assist property owners to let and manage their properties without hassles.

Leasing Management Services for properties operation workflows:
Service of Leasing Management contract Services Property management agent (on behalf of owners)
Contract duration 3 years
Rental deposit Custodial rental deposit on behalf of owners throughout the rental period and clearing rental deposit when the contract ends.
Remuneration (if any) Received by owner
leasing contract renewal fee subject to the contents of leasing contract
Leasing Management
service fee and other related payments
Leasing Management
authorisation fee
Equivalent to one month's rent and other related fees ※1 to be collected at the time the leasing contract is signed (applicable to Tokyo).
Leasing Management
service fee
5% of rent and other related fees ※2, applicable to Tokyo
Rent and other related fees
remittance day
Rent and other related fees will be calculated every 3 months. Money will be remitted on 25th January, April, July and October. ※3
Termination of leasing contract
handling charge
JPY 10,000
Look for tenants
sign for leasing contract
Look for tenants Search for tenants on behalf of the owners.
Sign for
leasing contract
Sign the leasing contract on behalf of the owners.
rents and other related fees from tenants
Collect rents and other related fees,
remind for late rent payments
Collect rent and remind for late rent payment on behalf of the owners.
Termination of leasing contract Termination of leasing contract,
receive application,
conduct property check out,
arrange necessary repairments,
calculate the share of repairment fee between
owner and tenant,
clearance of rental deposit
We will handle issues of rental termination for owners.
Renewal of leasing contract Arrangment for renewal date,
negotiation of new rent,
sign of renewal contract
We will handle issues of contract renewal for owner.
Miscellaneous Handling of
complaints and Requests
of Tenants
Reflect tenant's complaints and requests to owner and look for possibile solutions through negotiations.
Income report Hand in annual rental income report.
Appoint accountant for taxation issue Our assigned accountant will handle all taxations such as fixed asset tax, city planning tax and real estate income tax, etc for owner. ※ Each remittance incurs JPY2,000 handling charge.
  • ※ 1. This fee will be collected if the unit is vacant without tenant or tenant has already moved out (or intended to move out)at the time that the Leasing Management Authorization Contract is signed.
  • ※2. If the rent and other related fees are below JPY 50,000, a JPY 3,000 fixed amount of the leasing management service fee (excluding sales tax) will be charged.
  • ※3. If remittance day falls on weekends, national holidays or bank holidays, operation will be proceeded on the next working day.
  • ※4. We will not handle any arrangement caused by owner`s refusal to renew contract or early termination`. (According to Attorney Act No. 72, only legal action executed by lawyer)
  • ● The amount and practice of rental deposit, renumeration and leasing contract renewal fee may vary from local rules of the location of the property.
  • ● Any amendments to existing contract that resulted in the signing of a new contract, one month`s rent and other related fees will be charged as the leasing management authorization fee.
  • ● In case of any late payment by tenant, rental deposit may be forfeited.
  • ● Contents of leasing contract may be different from regions. Please contact your agent for details.
  • ● All handling charges are subject to sales tax.

24-hour handling service for Repair request

Daikyo Anabuki provides 24-hour service to handle repair request from tenants.